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Many managed care and insurance plans may also require counselors to file “treatment plan” reports that describe your ongoing progress in therapy in order to obtain approval for additional sessions on your behalf. While this is protected health information, once this information is released to a third party, there is no longer  control over this information and what is done with it. This information may then become a part of your documented permanent medical record in the Medical Insurance Database. Should you apply for life, disability, or private health insurance in the future, you may be denied coverage or charged higher rates based on the diagnosis in the database. In addition, especially for children and adolescents, parents may be concerned about the confidentially of their child’s records and the impact that a mental health diagnosis may have in the future for them. Because of these issues, many patients decide to pay for therapy on their own rather than filing an insurance claim.  Eternal Hope Christian Counseling and Coaching Does Not Accept Insurance.

The fee structure for counseling services provided by Eternal Hope Christian Counseling and Coaching, is:

  • $120 per 50-minute Individual Session
  • $30 per week for each elected Group Session
  • There are numerous scholarship programs available.  Please do not hesitate to ask. 

All payments are due at the time of service.

Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover, checks and cash are accepted.