Eternal Hope Christian Counseling and Coaching

Does your relationship need help?

Are You feeling stressed?

Are you feeling anxious or depressed?

Are you going through divorce?

Are you looking to make a lifestyle change?

Do you struggle with guilt, shame or fear of judgement?

Do you need an accountability partner?

A partnership with Eternal Hope Christian Counseling and Coaching focuses on equipping and empowering you to make the changes you desire in yourself and in your relationships. We offer a host of services working with individuals, couples, and families, that are about reaching your maximum potential and helping you stay focused as you recognize, organize, energize and realize your God-given purposes.


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Through conversation, questionnaires and self-assessments, we begin to discern and clarify the answers to these and similar questions:

  • Where are you now?
  • Where do you want to go?
  • What is holding you back?
  • What are you skills and talents?


Once you have established what goals are most important to you, we explore your options with questions such as these:

  • What is your next step in moving toward your objectives?
  • What are the resources you need–financially, spiritually, emotionally and physically?

Who are the people you can team up with to move toward your goals?

What distractions need to be eliminated from your life?


As you begin to move toward your goals, you will hit obstacles. You doubt, you get discouraged, you delay doing the very things you need to do.

We work together to help you stay focused on the big picture, encourage you, brainstorm your options, empower you to make wise choices and help you tolerant the pain of setbacks and plateaus.


When you are intentional and persevere through any difficult transitions, you will have the satisfaction of saying, “I did it!” You experience the joy that comes from making the changes you desired (even when you thought you couldn’t).